Smoky Mountains

Here in Alberta, we’ve had a rather smoky summer. There are wildfires all over British Columbia and the smoke has been hanging around the valley. It sucks, it really does. It could be a lot worse, however. There are so many people who have been evacuated and lost their homes due to this fire. We’re lucky to just have to deal with smoke. Anyway, we decided to drive a little way out of town to get some fresh air and I thought I would share some photos here. 


#MyJasper: Wicked Good Coffee

In a new series, I’ll be looking at the things that I love about my little mountain town and what I think makes it unique. This is part 1.

I love coffee. I love good coffee. And I love sitting at a cozy cafe, surrounded by warm people and peaceful views. I’m sure that you feel the same way. Who doesn’t feel the same way?

In Jasper, Alberta, there is no lack of coffee shops. Thankfully, we have quite a few. It’s a small mountain town in the middle of nowhere, isolated from any major city. However, we are also a tourist destination, so we’ve got good options.

There are plenty of really great coffee shops in town but the one that speaks to my heart, is Wicked Cup. It’s a newer cafe that has opened up just a couple years ago as an add on to the Maligne Lodge. Now, the first thing I have to say about this place is the location. Not only is it super close to my home (only just around the corner), it is also far enough out of the town centre so it feels peaceful.

Jasper in the summer can be a little overwhelming. No. Scratch that. A lot overwhelming. I don’t want to go into the middle of town on my day off for a peaceful cup of coffee because the lines are insane and there’s people everywhere and screaming children with sticky hands. Wicked Cup gets busy but you’re far away from the hustle and bustle and you can actually breathe.

The founders are a pair of sisters who LOVE coffee and tea and with this shop, they have created a cozy and warm experience that is also organic and delicious and enjoyable. The coffee is amazing, the food is to die for, and the staff are lovely. I honestly couldn’t say enough good things about this shop. You’ve got to try it out on your next trip through the mountains.


XO – Megan